Affordable Housing Strategy Task Force

The task force engages a collection of local affordable housing agencies, city departments, and financial institutions working together on new financial products for increasing affordable housing inventory and improving local accessibility.

This group completed a consensus workshop as a follow up to the Affordable Housing Community Conversation. They answered the following question: What key housing efforts should we focus on collectively for the next 3-5 years to increase availability of and access to affordable housing in Durham?

As a result, four working groups developed to address the actionable items that the groups identified in the consensus workshop. The four working groups are focused on:

Accessing More Land

Guiding Statements: Identify all potentially available publicly-owned, nonprofit and faith community-owned, and Duke-owned property that could be developed for affordable housing, including multifamily and single-family, homeownership and rental; then determine action steps toward feasibility assessment, acquisition, and development

Includes Representatives from: DHIC, Durham Community Land Trustees, Habitat for Humanity, Housing for New Hope, Self Help

Targets coming July 2022

Social & Capital Investments

Guiding Statement: Provide creative strategies to raise capital from non-traditional sources to develop innovative financial tools to support affordable housing

Includes Representatives from: CASA, City of Durham Duke Law Clinic, Self Help

Targets coming July 2022

Closing the Wealth Gap

Guiding Statement: Affordable Housing is a symptom of a larger issue of a need to increase economic opportunity for low income/wealth families. In addition to affordable housing supply, we need to work on education/training, jobs, and wealth creation through homeownership

Includes Representatives from: DCA, DHA, DHIC, Duke Chapel, Durham County, Habitat for Humanity, Self Help, Truist Bank

Targets coming July 2022

Housing & Transit

Guiding Statements: 1. Support the thoughtful integration of transit planning and affordable housing preservation and creation with an emphasis on proximity to good paying jobs, while mitigating against potential negative impacts of transit development on ownership/rental ratios; overall affordability, etc. 2. Develop a process that engages neighborhoods and small businesses that would be most directly affected by transit and affordable housing investments

Includes Representatives from: City of Durham, DCA, Duke Alumni, Duke School of Nursing, Durham Community Land Trustees, Reinvestment Partners, Triangle J Council of Government

Targets coming July 2022

The working groups are in the planning phase and will launch targeted efforts in July 2022.