Student Advising and Consultation

COVID-19 Guidelines for Community Engagement Activities

At this time, Duke policy is permitting off-campus community engagement activities. In an effort to minimize community spread, we recommend the following guidelines when off-campus (please note Duke policies and the following guidelines are subject to change):

·       Stay home if not feeling well.

·       All student organization events are not to be larger than 50 people and are required to register through DukeGroups.

·       Wear a mask while in the presence of others while indoors, outdoors or in transit.

·       Maintain social distance, whether indoors or outdoors. 

·       In-person activities with minors (individuals under the age of 18) are not currently permitted. Virtual community engagement activities with minors must be registered and approved by the Duke Protection of Minors Policy (contact Katy Boyd for more information). 

·       Avoid eating indoors. Food served at an event or activity should be pre-packaged and offered to-go.

Student Consultations

Whether you are seeking to get involved in the community as part of a class, part of a student organization, or independently, we’re here to guide you through the questions to consider, the resources available to you, and the connections to make your efforts more effective, equitable and sustainable. Contact us to set up a meeting.

Student Organization Advising

Durham and Community Affairs staff advise the following Duke student organizations:

In addition to serving as official advisors to these organizations, Duke Civic Engagement invites any organizations seeking to get involved in the community to connect with us for consultations, training and resources.