Community-Engaged Scholarship Collaborative Fall Events

Please join us for our upcoming Community-Engaged Scholarship Collaborative events spotlighting scholarly and community collaborations.

Fall Programming

October 8: Global Research and Educational Initiatives in the Design and Implementation of Women’s Health Solutions

October 15: Evaluation 101: Assessing Impact and Improving Programming

October 21: Just Collaboration: Asset- and Systems- Based Approaches to Community Partnership

November 5: details coming soon

About the Community-Engaged Scholarship Collaborative

The Community-Engaged Scholarship Collaborative aims to continue cultivating a community of practice among faculty, students, staff and community partners by bringing together, working with and building on many existing initiatives and sources of support for engagement at Duke University. The Collaborative provides space to learn, share and actively apply concepts and insights reflecting best practices for community-engaged scholarship. To those ends, we provide both project funding and a range of developmental offerings intended to build and deepen the knowledge and practice of engaged scholarship. The Collaborative is open to all, from those with emerging interests in community-based collaborations to those with substantial experience in partnering with communities in engaged endeavors.