Ashari Cain

Dr. Mac Communications Intern

Ashari Cain is a Michigan Native who loves nature, traveling and writing poetry in her free time. 

When she is not exploring or writing, she can be found in front of a romance reality show or in a cozy cafe with her hands cupped around a matcha.

Cain was raised in a ranch style home in a close-knit town with her parents and three other siblings. She holds a special adoration for the Southeastern coast from frequent family visits to Virginia and from her time studying political science and communication in Maryland. Some of her publishings can be found in Mount St. Mary’s University’s 2022 edition “Lighted Corners” Literary Magazine.

Ashari Cain is a transfer student who currently attends North Carolina Central University and is majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism. She hopes to continue blossoming her passion for story-telling post-grad with a career in corporate consulting.

Cain is deeply committed to professional development and serving her community. She currently serves as President of Lambda Pi Eta, (the honor society of the National Communication Association), a peer academic leader, a member of the RecWell Community Engagement team and works as a Resident Assistant at NCCU.