Doing Good – Housing & Neighborhoods

The Doing Good – Housing & Neighborhoods category supports the community projects of 14 neighborhoods connected via the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership (DDNP). Through a facilitated consensus process, DDNP neighborhood stakeholders first identify their key needs and priorities, highlighting potential opportunities to work cooperatively and partner across neighborhoods. Then, these partner neighbors can create action plans that utilize these donations to coordinate and execute projects aligned with their identified key priorities. Additionally, by organizing within their neighborhood associations and collaborating with other community organizations, partner neighbors are able to be more self-determined, feel a deeper sense of belonging and empowerment, and take steps to generate positive community impact and improve the quality of life of their communities.

Neighborhood Giving Impacts

Our Neighborhood Partnership

Our core partners consist of the 14 neighborhood associations close to Duke’s campus. This collaboration, called the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership (DDNP), grounds our neighborhood and housing work in the experiences of grassroots organizations and Our core partners comprise 14 neighborhoods within the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership (DDNP). This network grounds our neighborhood and housing work in the experiences of individual community members and grassroots organizations. Through a consensus process that occurs every 2-3 years, stakeholders within these neighborhoods identify key needs and priorities that guide our work together. Those key needs and priorities are currently as follows: Cultural Heritage & Preservation, Environmental Justice, Housing Justice, Intra-Community Development, Neighborhood Networking, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Political Activism, Supportive & Safe Communities, and Traffic & Pedestrian Safety.

Funds from the Doing Good – Housing & Neighborhoods category are used by neighborhood association leaders and other community members to coordinate projects that address the aforementioned key needs and priorities.

DDNP Partner Neighborhoods
  • Burch Ave*
  • Bragtown*
  • Crest Street
  • Lakewood Park*
  • Lyon Park*
  • Morehead Hill*
  • Old West Durham*
  • Southside*
  • Trinity Heights
  • Trinity Park*
  • Tuscaloosa-Lakewood*
  • Walltown*
  • Watts Hospital-Hillandale*
  • West End*

*Active Neighborhood Associations as of October 2023

DCA defines active neighborhood associations as groups with a decision-making body that consists of at least three people who are unrelated and in different households. They must also have evidence of ongoing engagement across multiple demographics (ex: including elders and youth, new and legacy residents, including homeowners and tenants)

Some neighborhoods do not have active neighborhood association groups. DCA staff continue to support neighborhoods by connecting individuals and offering capacity-building support for those interested in organizing toward collective neighborhood empowerment.

DDNP Neighborhood Fund Impacts, FY21-23

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