How to Donate

Thank you for your support of Doing Good! Your participation in Duke’s employee giving program helps to invest in the schools and non-profits working to secure a brighter future in our region.

Donor Pledge Card

If you prefer to use the Doing Good contribution form instead of the online resources, you may print or download it here.

Donor Advised Funds

When recommending a DAF grant, you should request that the DAF manager send a letter to Doing Good (at the address below) stating: (1) the donor’s name and address, (2) the amount of the grant, and (3) the amounts being directed to the specific Doing Good giving categories (and fund codes) and/or the United Way of the Triangle (#9999999). 

Duke Fund Code                  Doing Good Giving Categories

3995586                                HOUSING AND NEIGHBORHOODS
3991086                                HEALTH
3990131                                EDUCATION
3991078                                EMPLOYMENT
3991079                                COMMUNITY
3992977                                EMERGENCY RESPONSE FUND

If you are recommending grants to Doing Good giving categories and the United Way of the Greater Triangle, please ask the DAF manager to write two (2) separate checks, one payable to Duke University for the amount allocated to Doing Good categories and the other made payable to the United Way of the Greater Triangle for the amount being allocated to the United Way.  Please ask the manager to mail the letter and check(s) to:

Doing Good
Duke Alumni and Development Records
Duke University
Box 90581
Durham, NC 27708

Duke Community Giving Categories

Donors can support local schools, nonprofits and community-based organizations that benefit from the Housing and Neighborhoods, Health, Education, Employment, and Community categories. Because Duke covers overhead and administrative costs, every dollar of your donation to these categories goes directly to local organizations.

When natural disasters hit our state, Duke employees are ready to help. Employee donations to the Emergency Relief Fund are collected and directed to the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund. These funds, managed by the United Way of North Carolina, help families in need after a natural disaster.

United Way of the Greater Triangle

Employees donations to United Way of the Greater Triangle go toward the organization’s mission to eradicate poverty and increase social mobility through the power of partnerships. The United Way of the Greater Triangle serves organizations across four counties – Durham, Wake, Orange and Johnston. Since Duke is accepting United Way donations through Duke payroll deduction, there are no administrative or processing fees. Employees may sign up for and manage their payroll deduction to UWGT through Duke@Work.

*Donor names and Duke department may be used by Duke University and the Duke Office of Durham and Community Affairs for public acknowledgement of gifts to the Doing Good campaign. To opt out of this acknowledgement, please contact The Duke University Privacy Statement provides further information.