Bike Durham: Neighborhood Traffic Calming

Neighborhood Workshop in Burch Avenue.

Bike Durham and Burch Avenue Neighborhood Association collaborated with the City of Durham Transportation Department to address traffic calming powered by neighborhood problem identification, solution development, and implementation. Leaders communicated with local families and small businesses through implementation of flyers, listserv emails, community workshops, walk audits and in-person/phone interviews.

Through facilitated solution development and negotiation with interested neighbors, the City’s Transportation Department agreed to implement numerous standard traffic calming measures.

Neighbors Painting Curb Extensions at Burch and Maplewood Ave.

These included striping crosswalks, parking lanes and curb extensions. This project impacted over 300 local households and some visitors, many of whom enjoy the use of the local children’s playground and frequently walk/bike around the neighborhood; a handful of small businesses/organizations on the periphery whose members often enter the neighborhood for parking; and Duke students who live in homes or apartments in the neighborhood.

Learn more by checking out this report created by Bike Durham.

This project was funded during FY 2021.