Progress Update: Collecting Oral Histories

The Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice conducted 11 interviews with elder residents or individuals (over 90 years of age) with deep roots in the Greater West End (Lyon Park & West End neighborhoods) to save and protect the history of these historically marginalized communities. The interviews will be fully transcribed and added to the archive of Southwest Central Durham documentation the Center has been building for more than a decade. The Center plans to design and host an event for the interviewees to honor them in a safe way in December. This project is especially important due the age of the interviewees and the pressures of gentrification on these neighborhoods. When completed, these efforts are projected to impact over 245 people with a ripple effect that will continue into the future as the legacy and wisdom of these elders will not be forgotten.

This project was funded during FY 2021.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the circumstances it brought to us individually as well as to the work of teams together, some neighborhoods and organizations have been granted extensions to complete their projects with fidelity and submit their Evaluation and Reflection Reports accordingly. This is a progress report for a project with an extension. Information will be updated when the Evaluation and Reflection Report is submitted.