Progress Update: Lakeview Park Stage

Measuring a similar community stage to collect information and visualize Bragtown’s desired product

Reinvestment Partners is partnering with the Bragtown Community Association (BCA) to design and construct a stage and surrounding landscaping in Lakeview Park. This park stage is a part of BCA’s community vision and Durham Parks and Recreation’s (DPR) co-created master plan for the park.

Bragtown has been granted a permit application through Durham Parks and Recreation, identified a local builder, and determined that the placement of the stage should be located close to an electrical access. The stage will be a park amenity open for Bragtown residents, Durhamites, and visitors. When constructed, the impact of this project is projected to touch over 7,844 individuals. This project is one of two proposals from 2021 in which a neighborhood chose to combine funds with a nonprofit to maximize desired outcomes.

Rendering of Completed and Upcoming Lakeview Park Improvements

Additional History:

The implementation of the stage is part of a much longer timeline of relationship building and partnership. Conversations, regular meetings and trust building between BCA, Reinvestment Partners, DPR and DDNP began over four years ago. These conversations produced consensus around six major items that made up the master plan for the park. Read more about the timeline of partnerships and implementation success in this update on DPR’s blog. The implementation of a stage will complete five of the six items on the master plan list and the final remaining item, a new bathroom, will be addressed in 2022.

The stage project was funded during FY 2021.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the circumstances it brought to us individually as well as to the work of teams together, some neighborhoods and organizations have been granted extensions to complete their projects with fidelity and submit their Evaluation and Reflection Reports accordingly. This is a progress report for a project with an extension. Information will be updated when the Evaluation and Reflection Report is submitted.