Progress Update: Strengthening Community Connections

The West End Community Foundation, Inc. in collaboration with the Lyon Park and West End Neighborhoods conducted several community-based activities and projects to strengthen the relationship of its community members and the community center (Community Family Life and Recreation Center at Lyon Park), provided educational and social opportunities for youth and adults, and recognized and preserved the rich history of the Lyon Park School and Neighborhood.

Accomplished Activities Include:

  • Six free community dance classes in which 100 people participated total
  • Co-hosted three recreation events with current/former neighbors in Lyon Park, coordinating indoor basketball games, kickball, and providing over 100 meals to community members
  • Recruited local community artist, completing interviews with and portraits of 38 elders
  • Installed a new bench in front of community center to honor community leaders, and purchased a display case for the original Lyon Park School bell

Jamaica Gilmer, photographer for the Elders of the West End Portrait Series and three elders who are longtime friends and who attended the Lyon Park School together

They look forward to completing this series of community events at the end of October with a historical walking tour and scavenger hunt in partnership with Village of Wisdom.

This project was funded during FY 2021.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the circumstances it brought to us individually as well as to the work of teams together, some neighborhoods and organizations have been granted extensions to complete their projects with fidelity and submit their Evaluation and Reflection Reports accordingly. This is a progress report for a project with an extension. Information will be updated when the Evaluation and Reflection Report is submitted.