Trinity Park: Rain Garden

Neighborhood volunteers working to maintain the rain garden at Trinity Park’s neighborhood school, George Watts Elementary.

Trinity Park Neighborhood Association partnered with George Watts PTA to implement rain garden maintenance at George Watts Elementary. The rain gardens are important in maintaining the health of the playground and playing field by preventing soil erosion. They are designed to significantly reduce harmful runoff from the school property into the neighborhood and the nearby Ellerbe Creek as well as attract wildlife, provide shade and beauty, and create a peaceful, restful environment.

A community workday in July gave neighbors and school families an opportunity to support in the maintenance as well as learn more about rain gardens as possible solutions in their own green spaces. Overall, 13 community volunteers supported this project with 50 hours of volunteer time. This project impacts over 900 individuals. School children will have continued access to the field, neighbors will be less impacted by the water that previously accumulated after rainfalls, and there will be a decrease in harmful runoff to the local environment.

In addition to this project, Trinity Park also placed artwork labels on the statues located in Trinity Park.

This project was funded during FY 2021.