Tuscaloosa-Lakewood: Strengthening Neighborhood Connections

Tuscaloosa-Lakewood Neighborhood Association funded Spanish translation of quarterly newsletters. An estimated 10% of residents use Spanish as their home language and the newsletter was passed out to 560 families total. Being inclusive and sharing neighborhood updates and celebrations with the neighborhood’s Spanish speaking population promotes stronger community.

Neighborhood music festival featuring the community stage

Tuscaloosa-Lakewood Neighborhood Association supported funding for a stage built by a neighborhood resident for community use. The neighborhood does not have any parks within its boundaries, so the addition of a community stage is a new and cherished amenity in the neighborhood.

It was used in a neighborhood music street festival which predominantly featured musicians from the neighborhood. The event was attended by about 320 people & the organizers plan to continue hosting similar events utilizing the stage to bring neighbors together.

This project was funded during FY 2021.