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Community-Engaged Scholar Fellows Program



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The Community-Engaged Scholar Fellows program is for those among the Duke faculty, staff and their community partners who are interested in furthering their engaged practice. The program offers structured, holistic, developmental support, learning opportunities and the possibility of additional project funding. Over the course of a school year, the Fellows program provides opportunities for participants to:

  • Link with and learn from experienced engaged scholars and community partners to build concrete skills and strategies to engage in ways that are ethical, sustainable and co-generative;
  • Be paired with experienced faculty and community partner mentors who to provide feedback and guidance;
  • Connect to potential community or other organizational partners to build new or expand existing engagements;
  • Develop an understanding of the range of resources at Duke available to support engaged scholarship;
  • Build capacity to publicize and publish engaged scholarship.

Program Structure and Requirements

If accepted into the program, Community-Engaged Scholar Fellows are required to:

  • Create a community-engaged scholarship plan in consultation with a mentor team at the beginning of the school year that includes project milestones and learning objectives and the steps needed in order to achieve them;
  • Attend half-day cohort meetings one Friday of each month that will include workshop style sessions from campus partners and project and learning objective check-ins;
  • Participate fully in other Learning Opportunities and events offered by the Community-Engaged Scholarship Collaborative;
  • Present on their engaged scholarship during a symposium at the end of the spring semester;
  • Participate in program evaluation processes and submit a final report.

Applications can be submitted by individual Duke staff or faculty members or by teams of Duke staff or faculty members and community partners. Fellows from previous cohorts may reapply.

Each Fellow receives a stipend of $2,500 in recognition of the time dedicated to enhancing and deepening their engaged scholarship practice and to support their participation in program activities.

Community-Engaged Scholarship Fellows, either as individuals or as Duke-community partner teams, are eligible for up to an additional $12,000 to develop, enhance, expand or sustain an existing engaged scholarship project. If applying with a partner, only one member of the team should submit the additional information to apply for joint project funding.

Funds may be provided as the sole source of support or as complementary funds for the community-engagement component of the research or program. While priority will be given to projects related to Durham and Community Affairs’ strategic focus areas, projects with other foci and geographies are also welcome.

If you have any questions about the Community-Engaged Scholar Fellowship program, please contact Leslie Parkins, Assistant Vice President and Director of Civic Engagement at