Foundations of Engagement

Are good intentions enough?

Is service the best response?

How prepared are you to make the changes you want to see in the world?

Foundations of Engagement, a set of modules developed through a cross-campus collaboration, provides an opportunity to explore essential questions related to community engagement. In a 75-minute introductory session, we address topics of identity and positionality (Who am I as I go out to serve the community?), power and partnerships (How should I go about doing service and creating partnerships?), and root cause analysis (–What gives rise to this need for service in the first place? Is my service an appropriate response?).

In addition to the introductory session, we offer individual modules which can be combined and customized to fit the needs of your class, office or organization.

To learn more about these workshops or to schedule a session for your class or organization, please email us at

Quotes from Participants

“I think it is always good to take a step back and reflect on the service you are providing and whether it is ethical and meaningful and how to improve it. I think this workshop has given me that opportunity and has opened my eyes to new ideas that I will continue to think about throughout the semester.”

“It has made me more conscious of how I individually fit into the bigger picture. I am more motivated than ever to get involved in a thoughtful, sensitive, and effective way.”

“This workshop encouraged me to reflect about myself, my goals, my place in society, and how I can use all of this information to effect change in service.”