Community Health

A young healthcare worker in blue scrubs poses in a hallway

A healthy life for all

Building healthy communities is an important part of advancing racial, social and health equity. Together, we can Improve the socioeconomic determinants of health, advance health equity, racial equity and social justice through community engagement, and enhance behavioral health and well-being for all in the communities we serve. Health doesn’t begin in the physician’s office or the hospital. It starts in our communities, in our homes, our schools, our places of worship, and our workplaces.

Community Engagement

Together,  we  will  address  the socioeconomic  determinants  of  health,   such  as  poverty,  food insecurity, adverse childhood experiences,  and racial equity. Through collaborative partnerships in the communities we serve, we aim to improve housing affordability and infrastructure; food security and nutrition; college and career-readiness; early childhood and school readiness; and non-profit capacity.