Affordable Housing Network

Formerly, the Affordable Housing Strategy Task Force, the Affordable Housing Network primarily offers a space for knowledge sharing, focused discussion on hot topic issues and continued relationships across silos. The network is open to representatives from groups working in the housing arena. It will meet quarterly starting in 2024.

Every two to three years, this network will engage in a visioning process that will direct the key priority areas for collective impact projects. These projects will advance through the Affordable Housing Council. The council will provide updates to this network on their action steps to address these key priorities through collective action.

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Upcoming Events & Information:

Coming soon in 2024

Durham Resources:

In September of 2022, the Durham City Council began a comprehensive review of affordable housing issues in the City of Durham to include an analysis of demographics, Durham’s housing market, development processes, infrastructure and other factors impacting the creation and access to affordable housing. The city council is receiving presentations to broaden its knowledge and understanding of affordable housing challenges and opportunities in Durham.

Durham Regional Association of Realtors

Durham Eviction Diversion Program

Durham Housing Authority

Durham Homeless Continuum of Care

Development Concerns and Mitigation Steps

City Attorney’s Office presents Information on Affordable Housing and the Law

City’s Community Development Department presents Information about Income and Affordability

DATAWorks NC presentation “Who Owns Durham”

General Resources:

Affordable Housing Strategy Task Force

Mapping Collaborative Work

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