Catherine Kiplagat

Communications Intern

Catherine is a second-semester sophomore from Durham, NC, majoring in Public Policy and Global Health. She is interested in pursuing health equity research and practicing policy implementation science to address healthcare system and intervention gaps.

Outside her academic and career interests, Catherine enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, running and working out, cooking, reading, and attending church events. She lived in Durham since she was 10 years old, and throughout her childhood, she developed a deep love for Durham which motivated her decision to choose Duke! Some of Catherine’s favorite places to visit and explore in Durham are Westpoint on the Eno, the Brightleaf District, and the Main Library.

Catherine is passionate about Duke student engagement with the Durham community as she feels it’s important that students give back and invest in the place they call home for 4 years and beyond. Catherine is excited to intern with the DCA office this summer to learn more about the Durham community and contribute to a collaborative space!