Why I Give:
Anna White

Why Give?

Why do people choose to contribute their time and resources to Duke Doing Good? The reasons are as varied as the schools, nonprofits and neighborhoods that benefit from these gifts.

Anna White

A headshot of Anna White, Meeting and Events Coordinator for the Duke Sanford School of Public Policy.
Anna White,
Meeting and Events Coordinator,
Duke Sanford School of Public Policy

DG giving category: Neighborhoods

Why do you give?
As the volunteer coordinator for Duke Sanford School of Public Policy’s Meals on Wheels volunteer route, I talk with the leadership at Meals on Wheels. The fact that they, as a result of Doing Good and other funding, have the funds to add a couple more routes, which can serve 10 to 15 people, that means those 10 to 15 people are not hungry every day. It’s not even just the hunger – it’s the fact that we are maybe the only people that they see all day, and that gives them a sense of security knowing that someone cares enough to check on them and share a smile.

Why do you give specifically to the Neighborhoods category?
Duke has such a presence here in Durham, but it’s also a presence where a lot of people feel like Duke is untouchable. So, the more financial support we can give to local programs that are reaching into neighborhoods, that begins to break down the wall.

What does it mean to you to be a part of Doing Good?
Some are of us are paying it forward because we know one day we’re going to be elderly, and it’s just me and my husband; we have no children. I may need somebody to bring me meal, and that makes a difference.

If we reach our hands out to each other, we can all move forward. It’s just about being human and caring about other people.

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