Durham Data Science Initiative

As the scale and power of data grows, it is crucial for the next generation of data scientists to be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and ethical frameworks that will allow them to analyze and contextualize data to make the most positive impact. This Initiative will allow data science students to receive mentorship from Community Leaders-in-Residence as they extract actionable insights with the potential to increase efficiency and impact across the city of Durham.

Under the guidance of both community and scientific leaders, students will come together to:

  • Identify existing collaborations between the partner institutions
  • Map community assets within each of the DCA’s five focus areas: housing, health, education, employment, and community
  • Link multiple datasets to create accessible, community-identified dashboards

In addition to generating new knowledge about DCA’s five focus areas, this Initiative will increase data fluency among the next generation of data scientists, as they explore data fundamentals, computing, and equity in data science. Students will build meaningful connections with Community Leaders-in-Residence through monthly workshops, classroom visits, and online share sessions, and receive feedback as they create data visualizations, tools, and informational videos to present findings to the community.