Walltown Neighborhood Sign

Walltown Elders with the Newly Unveiled Neighborhood Sign

The Amy E. Kelly Foundation partnered with Walltown Community Association to design and build a Walltown Neighborhood welcome sign located at 1308 W Club Blvd. The project team worked closely alongside the city’s Planning and Parks and Recreation department to accomplish their goal. The sign is a geographical marker for Walltown, to impart a welcoming feeling and to represent the ongoing legacy of Black self-determination. It serves as a testament to those who came before, like George Wall and those who remain and want to maintain the sense of culture and identity that Walltown families helped to build over the generations.

Ms. Audrey Mitchell, Walltown Community Association President

On Saturday, August 3, 2022 during the Walltown Reunion, the organizations hosted a sign unveiling. It was a historic celebration as neighbors had been advocating for over twenty years to place a sign on land in their neighborhood.

Draft Rendering of the Walltown Neighborhood Sign

This project is one of two proposals from 2021 in which a neighborhood chose to combine funds with a nonprofit to maximize desired outcomes.

This project was funded during FY 2021 and was co-funded by the Amy E. Kelly Foundation.