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About Community-Engaged Scholarship

Community-engaged scholarship involves partnerships between the community and university addressing issues of shared importance and demonstrating mutual benefit. These partnerships co-create knowledge by employing expertise and resources in a range of scholarly activities, including teaching, research and engagement.

The Community-Engaged Scholarship Collaborative builds upon Duke’s Engaged Scholar Network organized in 2018 by Dr. Jennifer Ahern-Dodson, who served as a North Carolina Campus Compact Engaged Faculty Scholar. The Network was a collaboration with Duke Service-Learning, Duke Faculty Write Program, Forum for Scholars and Publics and Duke Civic Engagement to bring together scholars and partners to share engaged scholarship endeavors including lessons learned, challenges faced and next steps in their work together.

Community-Engaged Scholarship Collaborative Overview

The Community-Engaged Scholarship Collaborative aims to continue cultivating a community of practice among faculty, students, staff and community partners by bringing together, working with and building on many existing initiatives and sources of support for engagement at Duke University. The Collaborative provides space to learn, share and actively apply concepts and insights reflecting best practices for community-engaged scholarship. To those ends, we provide both project funding and a range of developmental offerings intended to build and deepen the knowledge and practice of engaged scholarship. The Collaborative is open to all, from those with emerging interests in community-based collaborations to those with substantial experience in partnering with communities in engaged endeavors.

Learning Opportunities

The following learning opportunities are held throughout the school year and are open to all. Below are offerings that will launch in the 2021-22 academic year:

Engaged Scholars Lunch and Learn Sessions

A series of 4 offerings (2 fall, 2 spring) highlighting the work of advanced community engaged scholars and community partners. These sessions highlight partnerships, scholarship and critical lessons learned along the way.

Workshops on Engaged Scholarship

A series of 4 offerings (2 fall, 2 spring) throughout the school year, developed and provided in partnership with other units on campus providing support to community-engaged scholarship.

Engaged Scholarship Symposium

This annual event brings together those involved in community-engaged scholarship through the fellowship program and project funding streams. Sessions are led by Duke engaged scholars and community partners. The symposium serves as both an opportunity for cross-learning among project teams and a showcase of engaged scholarship at Duke and in the community.

Fall Programming Calendar

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Funding Opportunities

The Community-Engaged Scholarship Collaborative also provides funding opportunities to support community-engaged scholarship at Duke:

Community-Engaged Scholar Fellows Program

($2,500 non-renewable)

This program is for Duke faculty, staff and community partners who are interested in furthering their community-engaged scholarship. While applications originate from a Duke faculty or staff member, they may apply with a community partner who will also participate in the fellows program. The Fellows Program offers structured, holistic, developmental support over the course of a school year which provides the opportunity for participants to:

  • Join a community of engaged scholars at Duke and community partners;
  • Learn best practices alongside experienced engaged scholars and community partners to build concrete skills and strategies to strengthen the ability to successfully engage in partnerships;
  • Be paired with experienced faculty and community partner mentors who to provide feedback and advice;
  • Connect to potential community or other organizational partners to build new or expand existing engagements;
  • Develop an understanding of the range of resources at Duke available to support engaged scholarship;
  • Build capacity to publicize and publish engaged scholarship.

Fellows are required to attend two sessions (early fall and early spring semesters) with the entire cohort and to share their engaged scholarship during a symposium at the end of the spring semester. Additionally, fellows will attend monthly meetings with an experienced faculty-community partner mentor team to provide targeted support and feedback for their engaged project. Fellows are also required to participate in four of the Lunch and Learn or Engaged Scholars Workshops throughout the school year. The 2021 application has closed.

Community-Engaged Scholarship Project Fund

($1,000-$12,000; renewable based on annual application process)

Small Grant Funds are available to Duke faculty, staff and community partners working collaboratively on a community-engaged scholarship project. Doctoral and postdoctoral scholars may also apply, but must demonstrate significant involvement by a Duke faculty or staff member. These funds can be used to develop, enhance, expand or sustain an existing community-engaged scholarship initiative. Funds may be provided as the sole source of support or as complementary funds to support the community-engagement component of the research or program. We encourage applications working in Durham and the local community that intersect with any of the following areas: housing affordability and infrastructure, early childhood education and school readiness, college and career readiness, food security and nutrition, or nonprofit capacity.

Those receiving project funds but not participating in the Fellows Program are required to attend a Foundations of Engaged Scholarship Workshop in early fall. All recipients of the Small Grants Funds will attend consultation meetings for feedback from faculty-community partners mentor teams and Duke Civic Engagement staff and will submit a final report at the end of the funding period. The 2021 application has closed.


Campus partners participating in the Collaborative include Duke Service-Learning, Duke Faculty Write Program, Forum for Scholars and Publics, Social Science Research Institute, Clinical and Translational Science Institute, Duke Global Health Institute and Duke Civic Engagement. Contact Leslie Parkins for more information.

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