Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership

An Evolution of Listening and Learning

The Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership was created as an office in 1996 under the direction of President Keohane. Established as Duke’s first official vehicle for engagement with Durham, the work initially included twelve neighborhoods with direct proximity to East and West Campus and recognized the mutual benefit of communication and connection among those areas.

In 2008, the DDNP Office became a sub-unit of the Office of Durham and Regional Affairs and continued working with neighborhoods around identified areas. Between 2018-2020, the Office of Durham and Regional Affairs, DDNP, and Duke Community Service Center merged to form the Duke Office of Durham and Community Affairs (DCA).

The legacy of the office’s origin continues to be honored through the DDNP Collaboration. Many of these neighborhood associations have been partners since 1996. In 2020, two additional neighborhoods were added to the group as a result of the University playing a specific role in housing and community development priorities in those areas. It was essential to add these groups in order to hold high level conversations accountable to on the ground experiences.

DDNP Collaborative

The DDNP is a collaborative open to 14 neighborhood associations close to Duke’s campus facilitated by our office. This collaborative grounds our neighborhood and housing work in the experiences of grassroots organizations and individuals. Through a consensus workshop this group identified key needs and priorities that will be the focus of the groups work for the next few years. The broad categories of work include: Equity and Justice, Health and Safety, Education, Neighborhood Communication Tools, People First Development, Respect and Preserve History.

*Active Members

  • Burch Ave*
  • Bragtown*
  • Crest Street
  • Lakewood Park*
  • Lyon Park*
  • Morehead Hill*
  • Old West Durham*
  • Southside*
  • Trinity Heights
  • Trinity Park*
  • Tuscaloosa-Lakewood*
  • Walltown*
  • Watts Hospital-Hillandale*
  • West End*

These 14 neighborhoods are eligible to submit Community Requests that align with the shared vision developed in the consensus workshop. Requests that are approved are funded by the Duke Doing Good Employee Giving Campaign. Learn more about funded projects and opportunities to give to the Neighborhoods and Housing Category.